Terms on the block


These terms and conditions ( " Terms and Conditions "), together with the other conditions contained in the block website and mobile applications (collectively we call these the " Site "), and such conditions as Block in some cases, provide a user separately, govern your use of block services ( " Services" ).

The services provided by Block AB, reg. number 556610-3429 ( " block " or " we "), a company in the Schibsted Media Group ( " Schibsted "). Schibsted ASA is the parent company for the companies in the Schibsted Media Group. More information about the Schibsted Media Group and the individual companies within the group can be found here: http://www.schibsted.com.

By using the Services, you agree to these Terms and agree to follow them.

These Terms apply from 4 October 2016. We recommend that you read the Terms carefully and print a copy of the Terms for future use.

Your personal information

The bloc's privacy policy for information about how we treat your personal data and how we protect your privacy when you use the Services. By agreeing to these Terms, you consent to the processing of your personal data described in our Privacy Policy.

Requirements to be able to use the Services

In order to contract for services, you must be 18 years old or have parental approval. The services are not provided to individuals or companies who have previously violated the Terms, before the block provided conditions or laws and regulations. If you register your company as a user you represent that you have authority to bind the company to these Terms of Use.

Advertising on the block

In block advertising rules (see below),there are rules for the design and categorization of advertisements. To advertise on the block, you must follow the rules for advertising.

Please note that special rules on advertising apply to place advertising on the block Jobs.

Block reserves the right to block or suspend a user who abuse, manipulate or use the Services in violation of the Terms, including the rules for advertising.

User-generated content

With user-generated content means all such content as a user of a service creates and / or post on the Site, such as pictures, movies and creatives ( " UGC ").

You warrant that you have the necessary rights to the User Generated content, either because you created it (whether it be, for example, a picture, a film or ad text), or that everyone who has participated has given you permission to use the user-generated the content of the Site in accordance with the terms.

This means that you guarantee that User-generated content contains protected intellectual property, such as music, movie, image, logo or other material that you do not have permission to use.

You warrant that you have ensured that the persons can be identified in the user-generated content (such as a picture or a movie, or simply by its name) are aware of how the material will be used and that they have agreed to participate in the user-generated content and to block also may use the user-generated content for marketing purposes.

By posting User Generated Content on the Site, for example by putting an ad, you give Block an unrestricted right to dispose freely of the user-generated content, such as by processing, format, adapt, store or copy it and make it available to the public regardless media channel and to sub-license such rights to possible partners. The block may also use the user-generated content for marketing purposes. Bloc rights persist even after an ad has been deleted.

You hereby waive all claims for reimbursement from block to block use of the user-generated content.

Immaterial rights

The block, or block licensors, holds the intellectual property rights to the text, images, design and other material and information that is made available to you through your use of the Services. The same applies to the underlying software code for the Services. Such material and information may not be used otherwise than under the normal use of the Services. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials bloc exclusive property.

You may print individual pages from the Site but you may not otherwise copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post or distribute any material or information on the Site without the prior written permission of the block.

Use of automated services such as robots, spiders, indexing, and the like, and other methods of systematic use of the content on the website is not permitted without prior written permission from the block.

Any unauthorized use entails liability. Anyone who deliberately or through gross negligence violates the law can be punished with fines or imprisonment up to two years and be sentenced to pay damages.


All marketing shall be under the Marketing Act (2008: 486) consistent with good marketing. If a company violates the rules, the Market Court prohibit this and if it continues, the company can be sentenced to pay a fine (a kind of fines).

It is expressly forbidden to send advertising via e-mail or SMS messages to individuals unless they have agreed to it in advance. It is also forbidden to push telemarketing to people who clearly have opposed this.


The block does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to services. The operation of the Site may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of the control block and the block makes no guarantees regarding the operation of the Site or availability. The block can not be made liable for damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of the Site and its contents. At malfunction replacement cost of the ad.

The site is essentially an ad. The site is therefore a forum that allows users to advertise, sell and buy goods and services. The block has no control over and is not involved in the transaction between a buyer and a seller. You should not assume that an offer, a sale or a purchase of an item is valid and legal simply because it occurs on the Site. The block is not responsible for the advertised product or service.

The block is not liable for damage due to non-payment or delayed response ad or incorrect information in the ad text.


As a user you agree to hold Block harmless in the event that any third party demands compensation due to user-generated content or because you otherwise have acted in violation of these Terms of Use or in violation of any law or third party rights .

Return Policy

When buying services over the Internet, you usually have 14 days. To advertise on the block, you must tell you from your right as block service for advertising means that you, by posting an ad, requesting that service begins immediately after you have paid for it. That means that you accept the right of withdrawal expires when the service has been completed. Bloc service is considered complete as soon as your ad is published. Similar rules apply to additional services that you buy in the announcement. Examples of additional services is the modification or renewal of the ad, these services shall be met as soon as the ad changed or renewed.


By accepting the Terms, you agree to the agreement that you have signed with the bloc, without your consent, may be transferred to another company as a whole or in part, directly or indirectly owned by Schibsted ASA, or to third parties in connection with a net asset or transfer of operations that include services.

Changes in Services

The block may at any time and without notice, decide to discontinue the Services or replace services with other services. In such a case, block reserves the right to terminate your access to the Services, which will happen after you have been told, for example, by notice to your registered email address. Any compensation paid in advance for services will in such cases be refunded to you.

Changes to the Terms

The block may change these Terms from time to time. To the extent that we make significant changes that require your consent however, we will obtain your consent before the change takes effect.

Rules for advertising

The block does not claim that the following information with respect to what can be considered illegal or improper, and thus may not be included on the Site, are complete or exhaustive. The information is therefore in these respects, only illustrative. You are responsible as user for the information you put in the ads do not violate applicable laws and regulations. You as a user is personally responsible for your ad.

Block "Private Site" is to be used by individuals who are authorized to conclude contracts by the above stated in these Terms of Use.

Bloc "Corporate Site" is for businesses. Block reserves the right to determine when an ad is business like. The following are categorized as business:

Legal entities

Advertisers with goods sold with deductible VAT

Advertisers Businesses undertakes to comply with consumer protection laws (including the Consumer, Consumer Services Act and the Price Information Act) and the Consumer Complaints Board recommendations.

Car & Motorcycle Dealers must have a subscription to publish classified ads for sale. Wanted advertisements can be radannonseras directly via the website. Prices must be given including VAT.

Publishing year:

block service is considered complete when the ad is approved and published on the Website. Next, you have as a user remove the ad as soon as the purpose of the advertisement is met, for example, when you sold it you have advertised. Since the block to minimize the number of outdated ads on the site is an ad off of the block after two months from the date of publication.

Review and control of ads and users :

The block reserves the right to review all ads and to refuse or remove an ad on the grounds that it violates the Terms of Use, any third party, other legal regulation or to block the principles and spirit. Random or notification initiated controls are carried out continuously, for example, for verifying a user's identity. Those who choose not to participate in such a control risk of being suspended from the use of the block.

Block messaging service:

In block messaging service, you can send and receive messages. Messages that you have sent to or received from other block users are thus accumulated on the block in your user account. If you have opted to receive email notifications are sent messages also to your registered email address. You can reply to messages directly in the block or via e-mail.

When you use the messaging service replaces your email address with an alias. This is done for safety reasons. Names and numbers you entered in the response form or in the advertisement attached, however the message. If the e-mail address is written into the text of the message, this will be removed.

Good manners and a pleasant demeanor between users is an obvious precondition for a good business environment and good business. Therefore, it is of course not allowed to:

Threatening, harassing, or otherwise objectionable act against anyone in the block messaging service.

Using block messaging service to perform any illegal, misleading or harmful act.

Otherwise abusing block messaging service, such as sending spam or other unwanted messages.

The block will filter, delete or stop messages with offensive or unauthorized content. The block can also stop communications or remove any content that violates our Terms of Use. Block reserves the right to ban users who do not follow the rules of the messaging service or which use it in ways that are detrimental to us or our users.

Refund and credit:

If an ad is denied publication, you get a credit of block equivalent ad value. A credit balance can also be offered at certain technical problems or erroneous payments. The balance is connected to the advertiser's email address, is valid for one year and can not be used for payment. If you do not want a credit, you can get a refund of fees paid. Misuse, manipulation or use of the Services in violation of bloc rules are not entitled to reimbursement or compensation and means that any balance void.

Language: ads only in Swedish,Arabic,or English allowed. Companies Advertising will be in English.

Not pure marketing:

It is only allowed to advertise sales, rentals, exchanges, and services and alerts. The ad text will be used to describe the specific product or service offered in your ad. Other information, such as the description of a business or a global catalog, are not permitted in ad text. Companies that store has the opportunity to present their business in their store page (see the "shop on Block"). Wanted ads may only be made by the stolen or lost goods or animals.


The ad title should describe the product or service, no company name or linkages may occur. No unnecessary characters may be used in the title. Good or service must be described in the ad text, it is not permissible to only link to another page. Creatives may not be copied from other ads, they may be protected by copyright and / or other laws and is the property of the block as indicated above. It is not allowed to make use of such keywords in the ad text that lets users receive incorrect ad hits or involving the unauthorized use of another's trademark.


If you are when you advertise can only be reached by phone, write this in the ad text, e-mail address is mandatory to advertise a product.

No duplicates:

It is not allowed to place ads for the same product or service more than once at the same time. Delete the old ad before you place it into the new. It is also not allowed to place ads with the same good or service in several counties or in more than one category.

Modification of the product or service in the ad:

It is not allowed to replace or add a product / service of the amendment or renewal of the ad.

Specious / Unrealistic Deals:

It is not allowed to advertise unrealistic offers. Block reserves the right to refuse or cancel publication of advertisements according to the bloc's assessment is unreliable or unrealistic.


The ad should be placed in the category that best describes your product or service (the ad is moved to the right category when it examined). It is not allowed to mix the goods and / or services in the same ad when the goods and / or services do not belong to the same category. The different goods / services must then be split into multiple ads. Ads will be placed in the category of "sale" and köpannonser in category "purchase". Rent, want to hire and bytes are available as choices in certain categories, there is no will for rent ads are placed in the category of "sale" and want to hire in the category of "purchase". Replacing ads placed in the category of "sale" of goods categorized for your product and category "purchase" of goods categorized by product you are looking for. Wanted stolen or lost goods or animals skaplaceras category Wanted.


Advertised services must comply with the laws and regulations that apply to each industry. When you advertise on services, you must certify that you follow these (eg regarding Operating, F-tax and liability insurance). This is controlled by the block in cooperation with industry associations.

Think of...

  •  Ads that do not follow the rules will not be published.

  •  Delete or extend your old ad if you should advertise the same product or service again