Client Security

At block Client Security Center, we work for you, the user should be able to make safe and secure transactions. We do this in particular by:

  • All ads are reviewed and our customer security personnel make regular checks on ads and users.

  • All introductory emails to advertisers filtered, to stop spam and emails with offensive or defamatory content.

  • We cooperate with police, other agencies and organizations to develop advice to you, who shall act used by other individuals.

  • We develop safe alternatives for payment, when money or goods to be sent.
  • We adapt the advertising rules for how the market conditions and the laws are changing, and how we perceive ourselves to certain goods or services are consistent with how we want the block to be experienced.
  • Hold seminars and trainings with the authorities.
  • Compile information, and easily share it with the police / tax office in connection with the police notified users.
  • Work on advertising of pirated copies together with affiliated brands.