Search Tips

Write * chair * instead of the chair to display ads in which the word chair is part of the beginning, end or middle of a word, such as kitchen chair or chairs.Feel free to use * if you are not sure how a word is spelled.You can not use * in the middle of a word.

Find even more with OR

Write Stroller Emmaljunga OR Stroller Brio appears strollers from both manufacturers together.

Remove unnecessary responses with EJ

Print Volvo V70 EJ display all Volvo Listings except V70 models.

Find exactly

Write "Volvo V70" appears only Volvo V70 ads and not the ads where the words and the Volvo V70 are at different locations in the ad, as in ads for tires and rims.


Write Saab cab * 9-3 OR Saab cab * 93 EJ EJ 9-5 95 display all Saab 9-3 convertible, however, no 9-5.


  •  It does not matter whether you type uppercase or lowercase letters

    in keywords.

  •  A keyword must contain at least two letters, three if used with *.

  •  A keyword can contain AZ, 0-9, & (ampersand) / (divided-by). Are you writing another character will be treated as a space of search engine.

  •  Some accents, apostrophes, and the like are removed, but the search engine considers, for example, ü to u and ë as e.

  •  Some common words are ignored by the search engine. For example if you search on the word 'and' it will not yield any hits.

  •  All keywords you entered must be in the title or text of an ad for your ad to appear (except for the next rule).

  •  If you search for multiple words, and one of the words results in zero hits,ignore this result. There is an exception to the rule above.

  •  You can replace AND with OR and NOT with NOTE.

  •  You can replace NOT with a minus sign in front of the word you do not want to get in the search, for example.

Manufacturer & Model

Car listings are divided into manufacturer and model. The data is based on registration. If the registration is invalid or if for any other reason unable to identify the car's make and model so placed the ad in Others .


Be developed with the help of the registration number and refers to the year the car was manufactured.

model Year

Stated by the advertiser, and often refer to the vehicle manufacturer's model which usually begins in September last year. Therefore different model year, sometimes from the year of manufacture.

In trafic

This is the date when the car went into service in Sweden. This means that cars imported may have been in use earlier abroad.

At misinformation ...

Informed of this block customer service, we will ensure that the task is checked against our sources.

Think of...

  •  Write NOT and OR in capital letters.

  •  The word you are looking for must be on the ad.

  •  Combine the various search tips.
  •  To check your spelling.